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Chameleon Controls

Chameleon Controls supply tough, stylish and economical replacements for garage and gate remote controls for all of the leading manufacturers.

Including Allmatic, Beninca, BFT, Came, Cardin, Clemsa, DEA, Ditec, Erreka, Faac, Fadini, Gibidi, Hormann, King gates, Marantec, Nice, Prastel, Proteco, Pujol, Roger, Rolltore and Sommer.

Our openers can be programmed to control up to four different devices, from up to four different manufacturers.

Chameleon Controls not only replace your existing remote control, they are also much stronger, well designed and simple to programme, can control up to four different automatic garage doors, gates and barriers.

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Chameleon Controls are stylish and
built to last.


Chameleon Controls are programmable for muliple devices from over 20 manufacturers


Each remote can be programmed to control upto 4 devices.


Chameleon Controls are design to last, and can even withstand being run over by a 4x4


Chameleon Controls are cheaper to replace than equivalent remotes from leading brands.


Chameleon Controls come with instructions to setup for each manufacturer.

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