Wireless universal keypad

£49.99 Plus VAT

Do you need a keypad that is quick to install? One that opens your automatic gates at the push of a button or by entering pre-set number combinations for added security?

The new WKPAD2 radio keypad from Chameleon Controls is the perfect addition to existing gate automation systems. It can replicate the signal of nearly all of the most popular brands of rolling code transmitters on the market. It will also clone the most popular 433 and 868MHz fixed code transmitters. But because the WKPAD2 sends a radio signal to your gate automation system’s receiver, it requires no wiring and is therefore very simple to install.


The new is WKPAD2 is one of the most versatile universal radio keypads on the market. It represents a simple and cost effective way to add a radio keypad to existing gate automation installation.

Easily set up using dip-switches, the WKPAD2 can replicate the signal of nearly all the most popular brands of rolling code transmitter on the market, and it can also clone the most popular 433 and 868MHz fixed codes.

To use the keypad with an existing receiver or to clone existing transmitters is a simple process. Under the keypad front cover are a number of dip-switches. Find the existing receiver you wish to communicate with or the transmitters you want to clone in the instructions. Next to this is the dip-switch combination you need. Then simply set the dip-switch combination for your receiver or transmitter into the keypad.

In all cases, the keypad can be used as a two button transmitter or with a four digit code number for added security. The security code numer is easy to program into the unit and can be set to whatever four digit number you want.

Installers should always have these keypads with them as they are compatible with so many other brands of gate automation.

The WKPAD2 is also the perfect keypad for home-owners to add to their own systems as it is so simple to install and program.