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Wireless Radio Wallswitch

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Do you need a wallswitch that is quick to install? One that opens your automatic gates at the push of a button?

The TX-Wallswitch from Chameleon Controls requires no wiring as it sends a radio signal to your gate automation system’s existing receiver. The switch is simple to install and even simpler to program into 24 of the most commonly used gate automation system receivers. Simply select the appropriate dip-switch arrangement to match your current receiver.

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Chameleon Controls TX-Wallswitch – Radio wall switch that is compatible with over 20 receivers from leading manufacturers.

Programming the wallswitch to communicate with receivers works just like programming a Chameleon transmitter.  You simply change the dip-switch combination inside the case. These are visible on the back of the switch unit inside the casing and should be changed to match your receiver before installing the wallswitch.

The dip-switch positions for programming in all the following radio receivers is provided in the TX-Wallswitch manual.

As it communicates with receivers via radio, no wiring is required so the TX-Wallswitch is very easy to install.

The wallsitch is powered by a size 23A battery.

Suitable for indoor use.

The Chameleon Controls TX-Wallsitch is compatible with the following radio receivers.