DiSCONTINUED – TX Multi and Cloner 300 – 868

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Click here for the replacement for this remote transmitter

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This transmitter has been discontinued and is replaced by the Chameleon Yet2130.
Click here for the replacement for this remote transmitter
The TXMULTICLONER 300-868 is one of the most useful universal transmitters on the market.  Easily setup using onboard dipswitches, this unit can replicate the signal of
nearly all the most popular brands of rolling code transmitter on the market, and it can also clone the most popular 433 and 868MHz fixed codes.
For end users it is an easy and cost effective way to replace their original brand transmitter with a more robust unit. 
For installers it is an incredibly useful thing to keep n the van, to supply to customers whilst on site instead of having to locate and order in the original brands.