TC-Cloner 433MGz fixed code cloner

Chameleon TC Cloner YET026 433MHz fixed code cloning remote transmitter

£12.00 Plus VAT

Chameleon Yet026 433mhz 4 channel cloning transmitter.


Simple, robust cloner that clones 433MHz transmitters.

Sliding cover prevents buttons being pushed accidentally.

How to copy from your original remote control

Step 1:- Clear the history code from duplicator 1:Press button A and B continuously until  the LED flashes 3 times 2.Release button B (Keep pressing button A),and press button B Slowly for 3 times,LED flashes 3.Release button “A”,finish code clearance. Step2,Copycodefromoriginaltransmitter 1. Put duplicator beside of original transmitter as close as possible.

2. Press and hold button A of original transmitter,then press and hold button A of duplicator untilyouseetheduplicator’sLEDflash

3. Release both buttons,finish code copy, copy other buttons in same way.